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Medior backend developer

We’re looking for a medior/senior backend developer with experience in Python and Django. Also, we value an interest in Devops or experience with related tools, and the motivation to achieve more and grow as an individual, together with us! We’ll all invest in you personally. 😃


Who are we?

We’re an on-the-rise and relatively new more-than-just-colleagues team of young perfectionists that build pretty large applications with a lot of passion. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, and equipped with loads of inspiration, we thrive in our focussed but energetic environment. We’re a diverse team, and even though most of us prefer a quiet and no-nonsense working environment, there’s enough room for humor and sharing ideas 😄

To sum it up, this describes us quite well:

  • We’re relatively young people, but quite experienced
  • We value good communication and individual responsibility
  • We ca be stubborn, but also smart. And humble where it counts
  • We value correctness, but are flexible when it's important
  • We’re passionate
  • We accept that we sometimes make mistakes, and learn from them together
  • We’re motivated, like some pressure and work hard when the time is right
  • We focus on getting things to feel ‘right’ :-)
  • We try to stay honest, even about mistakes and the not-so-niceties
  • We don’t blame, since we are all here to solve things
  • We're pretty straightforward

A little more about our culture:

Something we value is a feeling of responsibility, growth, and true autonomy. Everyone has a talent, and we want to get everyone in a position where that talent can really add value. Because of this, we want to bring the ‘single responsibility’ principle to our culture: you’re at the centre when it comes to what you deliver within the team. This does mean that everyone is focussed on really delivering good work, while truly allowing mistakes to be made (by yourself and others), and taking absolute responsibility to handle them or prevent them.

We're learning things every day, too. We have study nights with dinner from time to time, to help each other in the process and reserve time for learning. We try to assist each other a lot, but also newcomers. It's one of the reasons we're organizing Django Girls Amsterdam for the second time now!

Who we're looking for

We're looking for someone to join us: a diverse team. We tend to work quietly and with focus. We’re looking for someone that can appreciate that together with us! Most of all, we’re looking for someone with experience and good communication skills to truly assist us in succeeding as a team. As you’ll be one of the more experienced developers in the team, there’s lots of room to improve processes as you see fit together with our current lead developer. This does require some experience with planning tools and an agile approach to things.

In terms of hard skills, this is what we’re looking for:

  • Able to communicate clearly and friendly, while being patient and supportive
  • Good at giving and receiving feedback
  • Solid Python (3) experience, preferably more than 2 years of full time work in it
  • Good Django experience
  • Experience with Django Rest Framework, or at least with building good API’s in another framework/language
  • Experience with Django Channels and/or Django CMS is a great plus, but definitely no must at all
  • Skills with design patterns, and preferably also server architectures
  • A believer in good standards like OO, but when it’s truly beneficial to the project
  • Knowledge of microservices and Docker (not a must)
  • Some JavaScript experience (not a must)

Tools we work with:











Dropbox Paper




What’s the job?

What we know is this:

We mainly focus on larger applications with a certain level of complexity, as this is what we love. We don’t believe in building really simple websites, as this should (and will) become something everyone can do without too much trouble. We want to work on exciting things too, so we have an interest in AI and Blockchain. But most importantly, our work has to be solid (also SOLID) and flexible.

We use Python as our primary backend language (there may be a special case sometimes, we’re not that conservative. But as a wise saying goes: Special cases aren't special enough to break the rules). We also use it for data mangling, and devops purposes.

We also like really good tooling! We value documentation a lot, so it's a must. But feel free to roll your own tool if you think it’ll work better and is understandable for the rest.

What does the future hold?

We don’t want to grow into a large-scale multinational super corporate giant fortune 500 business that rules the world. We want to stay agile, even stay stubborn, keep learning and never stop inventing. We do want to grow though. But the main goal is to grow because we need to, simply because we provide so much value. We believe that to innovate and truly learn, we’ll have to cherish the growth of the individual in a small team.

Therefore: we’ll keep exploring! Split up into branches that we can later merge, maybe do some cherry picking to support the individual. Our primary vision is one of culture and value.




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